Tuesday, November 21, 2017

$2 Tuesday continues thru midnight tonight, and an awesome cluster to share!

It's $2 Tuesday at the Digichick until midnight tonight!  Lots of awesome bargains to be had, too - including 3 from me :)    It's only once per month, so you won't want to miss out!    Tonight I have a cluster that Anita put together to share with you, using Land That I Love.  And yes, I'm quite certain that Anita made it, lol :)  Have a great nite!


Just click on the image to download. See you tomorrow!  -Kim

Monday, November 20, 2017

A full page width cluster from Jenni, New Release sale ending - $2 Tuesday is on the way!

First things first - last nights cluster was from ANITA - my mix up.  I have a goofy system I use for my folders...and was one short this week, so Anita's numbers came "sooner" than later, lol - - sorry 'bout that my friend!   Hope you enjoyed her cluster.  Tonight's IS from Jenni - double checked to be sure! It's a beautiful full page width size topper...I'm sure you will love it!    $2 Tuesday will begin in just a bit here at The Digichick....and my new release Land That I Love will be on sale until midnight tonight!

Just click on the image to download. See you tomorrow!  -Kim

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Land That I Love cluster from Anita tonight!

Talk about a sad football day....the Packers looked pathetic this afternoon at Lambeau Field...and played just as bad.   I would love to blame those "Throwback Jerseys" because everytime they wear them (or it seems this way)  they lose.   But today, they might as well have stayed home.  Beat by a team worse than we are now - the Ravens....it was....shameful.   The kind of shameful where you need to hang your head and apologize till you are blue in the face.   I sure wish Aaron Rogers hadn't been hurt.  It's not right to base an entire team around one player like that - but he knew how to make things happen, and rarely, if ever, makes stupid rookie mistakes.   Ok...I'll hush up now.   At least my Badgers are on a roll !!  Tonight I have a wonderful cluster that Anita made using Land That I Love to share with you!

Just click on the image to download. See you tomorrow!  -Kim